Why Join USPFA?

For more than a decade, the USPFA has published a monthly newsletter specifically for American, Delta and FedEx pilots. Each edition of the newsletter includes, among other things, guidance on your 401k plan allocation. Over the years, we’ve amassed a wealth of information about each plans' ins and outs, investment choices, etc.

It may sound cliché, but it’s never too early to think about retirement and making your 401k work as hard for you as you have for it. If you’re in your 50s — in the prime of your career - it’s definitely time to think about your plan for retirement. It will be here before you know it.

Actually, your subscription won't really cost you anything, as it will pay for itself many times over as you save money, time and worry.

Which of these USPFA membership benefits will mean the most to you?

  • Balancing the growth & safety of your 401k account to keep your retirement secure.
  • Having absolute certainty about what to buy and sell in your 401k account, and knowing why you’re making the trades.
  • Achieving financial independence much sooner than you thought possible - perhaps even before age 65.
  • Leveraging your natural strengths of discipline, decisiveness and existing financial success.
  • Building a secure future for you and your family in a very insecure airline world.
  • Understanding timely market insights of what's going on, and what it means to you, in a "bottom line" format.
  • Knowing how to avoid large losses in your 401k account(s) - a secret that 99% of pilots don't know.
  • Having 97% of the work already done for you to invest your account.
  • Using the exact, proven strategies that are successfully managing millions of dollars right now.
  •  Making the most of the opportunity you have right now to grow your wealth.
  • Sleeping better at night because you're not worrying about your financial future.

What can you expect with your membership in USPFA?