Benefits of Joining USPFA

If you're like most pilots, you probably aren't sure if you're making the best choices in your 401K account. In fact, your 401K may be dying on the vine right now, instead of growing like it should.

The solution is to join the USPFA and put to use its compelling 401k allocations, which are updated every month like clockwork. A USPFA membership will essentially cost you nothing - it will pay for itself many times over as it saves you money, time and worry. You probably have   more than $100,000 in your 401k account(s), but even if that was all you had there, if the guidance from the newsletter netted you a ¼% (yes, that’s one fourth of one percent) better result per year than you would have achieved on your own, the subscription would have paid for itself.

Think of the impact these USPFA model allocations could have on an account the size of yours! By following our successful strategies, in time you could come out tens of thousands of dollars ahead. And all of this for a very small investment, a pittance, really. In fact, it’s likely that you spend more than the monthly subscription price each month on cheap airport food!

But joining the USPFA has other benefits as well. As a USPFA member, you’ll have access to the following:

Monthly newsletter - The newsletter includes, among other things, guidance on your 401k plan. We’ve amassed a wealth of information about the plan’s ins and outs, investment choices, etc. It may sound cliché, but it’s never too early to think about retirement, and making your 401k at American work as hard for you as you have for it is a wise endeavor.

Mid-Month Market Update - Delivered by email right to your inbox at no additional charge, this timely update is sent between issues. Never be out of the loop again!

Member Forum - Members can post questions and concerns at the forum, and the USPFA team and other USPFA member subscribers can address your post.

Interesting Blog Articles and Airline News - The USPFA blog includes market updates, along with special edition topics like our series on "Behavioral Finance".  Outside In_Part 1

Don't wait!  Join USPFA today and starting enjoying the benefits of membership.