Airline & 401k Plan Custodian Disclaimers

Important Disclaimers Concerning Airlines and 401k Plan Custodians:

  • USPFA publishes general financial information that ranks investment choices in 401k plans, using a very similar methodology to the rankings provided by companies like Morningstar, the Wall Street Journal, Barrons and Money Magazine, to help pilots make informed investment decisions.
  • USPFA is an independent, incorporated association, that serves professional airline pilots.
  • USPFA never tells members what they should or should not do with this information and is unaware of the actions of any member.
  • USPFA encourages members to apply independent thinking and individual customization of the rankings according to the member's individual risk tolerance and situation.
  • USPFA constantly encourages all members to be "good citizens" by following every rule and regulation within their 401k plan as they manage their personal account.
  • It remains the responsibility of each employee to verify the rules of his 401k plan before making investment decisions, making changes, regarding holding periods, penalties, etc.
  • US Pilot Financial Association (USPFA) has no connection to Delta Airlines, American/US Airways, or Federal Express, nor to the 401k Plan custodians of the plans for each pilot group, or to any mutual fund company or fund offered within the 401k plan.
  • All Company names, trademarks etc., belong to the above-mentioned companies.
  • USPFA accepts no responsibility for the individual actions of any member/participant in any of the 401k Plans.