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Peter Lewis

OK, Its feb 3 and the new newsletter just came out. I wrote at the beginning of JAN about why we didn't go to bonds when the BBo crossed to BEAR, and it was explained to me that it was because the general "feeling" was that it was just a market correction and probably NOT dire circumstances. Seemed to me that it was an "emotional" decision based on assumptions, and went against the 'SYSTEM" which we have become accustom.

So, here we are in early FEB with the BBO still in the BEAR MODE, and NOW a month later we seem again to be making an emotional decision of perceived safety.

Could someone explain to me whether we believe in the BBO SYSTEM or not? And why. No offense to anyone, but, in years past, we would have "bonded" our retirements upon crossing cuz that's the system. No harm when it uncrosses. Now, under the new management, we seem to be changing the path, or setting a bad example, or discrediting the "system", or something.

No offense to anyone, but,................................