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Good morning Dennis,

I am so sorry this has taken so long to get back to you. First of all,
we want to welcome you to the US Pilot Financial Association, the home of the Express
Advisor newsletters.

To address your post I need to throw in this disclaimer first: I can’t tell you exactly what to do since we are
just an investment newsletter and cannot provide actual investment advice.

That being said, the beauty of the newsletter is that you can see the rankings of the funds in the velocity score chart each month. If the funds you are currently in are near the top, you have time to gradually readjust your mix. If you current funds are at the bottom, well that kind of speaks for itself.

The next biggest point to always consider and keep in the back of your mind are the trading
restrictions in the plan. When you sold a fund last and how long you have held it make a difference.

I would say the most important thing to consider is, the newsletter recommendations are published once a month, and as you read in the Fast Start Guide, trades should be made within days of the publications’ release date to stay on track with the portfolios.

Again, welcome aboard!

USPFA team