Six Tips for Making Your Marriage Better

In today's busy world, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the demands on your time and energy. Work, financial pressure, children and aging parents are just a few of the things that you may be juggling. In this environment, it is easy to  let your marriage slip to the bottom of your priority list. You may coast along without giving the marriage much thought, or you may begin to have conflict. If your marriage has become less than ideal, here are a few easy tips for making it better.

Have Fun Together
Whether you head out on a date night or simply goof off while preparing dinner together, one of the easiest ways to improve a marriage is to start having fun together. Your spouse should be the one person with whom you can truly relax and let down your guard without fear of judgment. So go ahead and be silly and outrageous. Just be sure to pick an activity that you both enjoy.

Create Traditions
nIf the two of you do something you both really enjoy, from a camping trip to a special meal, turn it into a tradition. Planning for the next event will break up your time and give you something to look forward to together. The shared memories will create bonding between you, as will the anticipation. Include the children in some traditions, while reserving others just for the two of you.

Let your spouse know what you are thinking, and ask for his or her thoughts as well. Be sure to discuss your innermost thoughts and feelings, not just how your children are doing or what you will have for dinner. No matter how well you know each other, keep in mind that people grow and change over time. You will always have the chance to discover something new. Remember to listen as much as you speak.

Try Something New
Conquer something together that neither of you is any good at. This could be as extreme as climbing a mountain or as simple as taking a
cooking class. Many couples find that Latin dance classes bring them closer together. Whatever you choose, it should be something that you can truly learn and experience together. You will increase trust and communication, and share in the thrill of victory.

Agree to Disagree
Every couple has their hot button issues. Whether the topic is politics, religion or even the social relevance of reality television, you will not agree on everything. Learn to accept and embrace your differences rather than trying to change each other. Respect each other's opinions and look for compromises. How boring would life be if you were exactly alike?

Get Rid of the Scorecard
Too often, people keep a running tally of ways in which their partners have wronged them. This can cause small disagreements to blow out of proportion, because the latest issue is immediately added to all of the others. This can be toxic to any relationship. Learn to truly forgive and forget. Conflict
is a normal and healthy part of life, but each conflict must be dealt with on its own. Trust in your relationship and let things go once they are resolved.

Maintaining a healthy marriage is not always easy. When you are stressed, tired and over-scheduled, your marriage may begin to suffer. Fortunately, getting the relationship back on track need not be difficult. Implement the tips above and watch your marriage begin to improve. Like anything else in life, fixing your marriage will take time and energy. Be patient and keep trying. The results are worth the investment.