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  • USPFA/Site/Publisher relies upon the "publisher's exclusion" from the definition of "investment adviser" as provided under Section 202(a)(11) of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and corresponding state securities laws.
  • USPFA/Site/Publisher is a bona fide publication of general and regular circulation offering and is limited to the dissemination of impersonal and objective investment-related information, together with access to additional impersonal investment-related information and links.
    1. Opinions may contain errors or omissions. All opinions expressed on this site are those of the newsletter or article authors and may contain errors or omissions, and USPFA does not make any representations, warranties or guarantees, express or implied, regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information displayed on this web site. The information is supplied by USPFA with the express condition, to which everyone using it is subject, that no obligation, responsibility or liability shall be incurred by USPFA.org and/or USPFA.com and/or its principals for any loss or damage, whether incidental, special, indirect or consequential, in connection with, caused by or arising from any use of or reliance upon the information contained on the USPFA web site.
    2. NO MATERIAL HERE CONSTITUTES "INVESTMENT ADVICE" NOR IS IT A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY OR SELL ANY FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO STOCKS, OPTIONS, BONDS OR FUTURES. We do not give investment advice and our comments are an expression of opinion only and should not be construed in any manner whatsoever as recommendations to buy or sell a stock, option, future, bond, commodity or any other financial instrument at any time. A qualified investment advisor, one licensed by appropriate regulatory agencies in your legal jurisdiction, should be consulted prior to the purchase or sale of any investment.
    3. Not a solicitation to buy or sell securities. The publication of the Site on the Internet and the publication of any  content should not be construed by any Member/Subscriber and/or prospective Member/Subscriber as Publisher's (i) solicitation to effect, or attempt to effect transactions in securities over the Internet, or (ii) provision of any investment related advice or services tailored to any particular individual's financial situation or investment objective(s).
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    5. USPFA is an objective source of general financial information. Rather, USPFA/Site/Publisher is designed solely to provide Member/Subscribers with an objective source of general financial information, education and resources concerning a Member/Subscriber's financial world, including their 401K plan, and to make corresponding investment decisions regarding the allocation of their 401K assets.
    6. Coverage is limited. USPFA/Site/Publisher coverage is limited by and to the investment choices provided by the Member/Subscriber's 401K plan.
  • Models are examples to inform. USPFA/Site/Publisher does not advocate following the examples of allocation, but provides them as a reference to be adjusted to the member's personal situation at their own discretion. The Member/Subscriber maintains absolute discretion as to whether or not to follow any portion of the Site content, whether to alter the information, or whether to use the information and opinions to simply inform their own choices. USPFA has no knowledge of any of these member choices.
  • USPFA/Site/Publisher does not offer or provide investment implementation services, nor does it offer or provide initial or ongoing individual personalized advice (neither in person nor via the Internet).
  • Members have personal responsibility to apply information to their own situation. It remains the Member/Subscriber's exclusive responsibility to review and evaluate the content and to determine whether to accept or reject any allocation and to correspondingly determine whether any such allocation is appropriate for a Member/Subscriber's investment portfolio or strategy (of which USPFA/Site/Publisher has and expresses no knowledge or opinion).USPFA/Site/Publisher expresses no opinion as to whether any of allocations contained on the USPFA/Site/Publisher is appropriate for a Member/Subscriber's investment portfolio, strategy, financial situation, or investment objective(s).
  • No past allocation tracking predicts the future. The Member/Subscriber acknowledges that any past allocation tracking referred to on the USPFA/Site/Publisher relative to any recommendation or security may not be indicative of future results, and understands that any opinions contained on the USPFA/Site/Publisher reflect Association/Site/Publisher's judgment exclusively as of that particular date. Therefore, no current or prospective Member/Subscriber should assume that the future performance of any specific investment, investment strategy (including the investments and/or investment strategies recommended on the Association/Site/Publisher) will be suitable or profitable for a Member/Subscriber's portfolio, or equal historical or anticipated performance level(s).
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